Roblox Ninja Legends 2a Wiki

Evolves are otherwise Ranks. They can be bought by a lot amount of Coins. Evolving gives you more health, attack damage, tokens, multiplier and you can even unlock quests and Training Areas from certain ranks when you evolve. Here's the list of evolves that are in the game:

Rank Name Unlocks Multiplier Tokens Cost (Coins) Icon
Trainee None x1 Multiplier

x1 Health

x1 Attack Damage

None Starter Rank Trainee icon.png
Spirit Warrior Quest: Pet Rookie

Quest: Shard Crisis

x2 Multiplier

x2 Health

x2 Attack Damage

+2 Tokens 250M Spirit warrior icon.png
Dragon Enforcer Quest: Ninja Fitness

Quest: Ultra Elements

x5 Multiplier

x5 Health

x5 Attack Damage

+3 Tokens 20B Dragon Enforcer icon.png
Elite Soul Hunter Training Area: Ancient Master Blade x10 Multiplier

x10 Health

x10 Attack Damage

+5 Tokens 2.5T Elite soul hunter icon.png
Awoken Samurai Training Area: Crushed Spaceships x15 Multiplier

x15 Health

x15 Attack Damage

+8 Tokens 300T Awoken samurai icon.png
Mystic Horizons Master Training Area: Soul Fusion Arena

Quest: Pet Hatcher

x25 Multiplier

x25 Health

x25 Attack Damage

+12 Tokens 25Qa Mystic Horizons Master icon.png
Dark Galaxy Assassin Permanent Planet: Planet Zephyr

Quest: Ninja Slayer

Quest: Pet Legends

x40 Multiplier

x40 Health

x40 Attack Damage

+16 Tokens 2.5Qi Dark Galaxy Assassin icon.png
Relentless Gladiator Training Area: Forgotten Sanctuary x70 Multiplier

x70 Health

x70 Attack Damage

+20 Tokens 65Qi Relentless Gladiator icon.png
Unleashed Cyberninja None x150 Multiplier

x150 Health

x150 Attack Damage

+25 Tokens 800Qi Unleashed Cyberninja Icon.png
Ancient Millenium Beast Quest: Coin Legends x325 Multiplier

x250 Health

x250 Attack Damage

+30 Tokens 7.5Si Ancient Millenium Beast icon.png
Infinity Overlord None x500 Multiplier

x350 Health

x350 Attack Damage

+35 Tokens 10'O Infinity Overlord Icon.png
Starstrike Megalith None x650 Multiplier

x450 Health

x400 Attack Damage

+40 Tokens 2N Starstrike Megalith icon.png
Underworld Golem Permanent Planet: Planet Inferno x750 Multiplier

x600 Health

x450 Attack Damage

+45 Tokens 300N Underworld Golem icon.png
Dark Universe Hunter None x850 Multiplier

x750 Health

x500 Attack Damage

+50 Tokens 50Dc Dark Universe Hunter icon.png
Dual Eternity Legends None x1K Multiplier

x1K Health

x550 Attack Damage

+55 Tokens 8Un Dual Eternity Legends icon.png
MAX EVOLUTION!!! Max Evolution.png

If more ranks come information will be here!!