Roblox Ninja Legends 2a Wiki

Codes are redeemed for various rewards. This is a list of compiled codes from Ninja Legends. Codes usually provide Shards and Coins, but sometimes codes can provide Souls, Auto Train and Tokens. here's the list of twitter code or secret codes from the game:

List of Codes

Code Reward type Amount Active?
bossbattle300 Shard 300 Yes
epictower350 Coins 350 Yes
epicturrets450 Shard 300 Yes
firstplanet250 Shard 250 Yes
newgame500 Shard 500 Yes
powers500 Shard 500 Yes
shurikencity500 Coins 750 Yes
treeninja400 Coins 400 Yes
waterfall500 Shard 500 Yes